The system has devoted specialized courts concerned with legal and statutory rules that regulate the relationship of individuals with each other in terms of the relationship of descent and marriage and the resulting relationship of marriage, birth, guardianship, custody, rights, mutual duties and the imbalances that may arise, which entail rights to care, custody, inheritance, and will. Through our qualified staff and advanced experience in this field, we offer our clients necessary solutions to the defective relationships and make it as commitments before the courts.


1. Split the inheritance:

We perform procedures for sorting consents and non-consensual legacies, resolve cases arising from that screening, and clear inheritance from any barriers to screening and represent the heirs in part or in whole before the specialized courts, whether the inheritance is money, real estate, or movable property, and whatever the heir has left after his death.

2. Proof of wills and endowments:

Through our department specialized in wills and endowments, we confirm the will or the endowment and issue the necessary provisions for that. And managing it in case that the beholder or guardian’s demand and to hold the beholder accountable if he is in breach, to demand his dismissal, as well as to present arguments for compliance, and to follow them, and to resolve cases arising from their application, and add borders and lengths or space of it.

3. Take over the role of master over Waqf:

We take over the role of master on behalf of beholder or commissioned by the court if necessary and preserving and developing it and controlling its expenses mentioned in the Waqf document, and not to prejudice the right of the heir or the Waqf owner.

4. Alimony, custody, and visitation cases:

We provide the necessary solutions in cases related to judicial disputes between divorced partners. This includes all types of alimony, child custody, other matters, and visiting times for the non-custodian and all cases related to the marriage contract.

5. Terminations:

We can submit, on behalf of the client, proof of permission to sell or purchase real estate for under-age or  establish adjacent borders, or the permission to mortgage a endowments property and produce a temporary possession document, divorce, birth, non-marriage, non-employment or supervision document.