We provide legal solutions to issues arising in course of commercial activities with competitors and suppliers and consequent judicial disputes with a view to settling them in accordance with what the provisions of the Saudi regime stipulated.

1. Claim rights from others:

We can file claims for workers and employees against public and private sectors, others, pensions, retirement, or social insurance.

2. Real estate Cases:

Resolve all judicial disputes related to residential, agricultural and real estate investment for individuals, companies or private and public bodies, and following up on the demand to wind up, identify and solve real estate contributions.

3. Ownership Verification Cases:

We can prove ownership of an individual, agency, or institution of something such as owning real estate, land, private enterprise and companies, and it can be proved by appropriation, contract, grant, or feudal and proving this before the judicial authorities.

4.Cases related to civil contracts:

Through the acquired work team, we have the necessary quality in drafting contracts and developing them carefully according to the necessary provisions to protect each contracting party adjust the agreement mechanism with the necessary conditions and expected requirements and determine the necessary supplements according to the schedule of work on which they were contracted.

5. Non-commercial Contracting Cases:

We file lawsuits for public and private contracting companies that are not subject to commercial courts, in addition to all those branches from those cases.