We have an extensive knowledge and experience in criminal cases.  We defend those accused in public rights, crimes, terrorism cases, national security cases, and related crimes.

1. Islamic regulations Cases:

We are always working to control laws and legislations that comply with Islamic law. We take up a defense in prescribed penalties cases (theft, adultery, libel, etc.) if there is a legal justification for the defense of the accused in the crimes legally assessed.

2. Reprisal Cases:

We work on cases related to willful killing when the family of the dead person asks to fulfill the killer’s retribution by applying the legal punishment of retribution by subjected him to justice if there is a legitimate justification for that. We are also defending the accused of unjustly charged murder and have not substantiated that charge, our task is to stand with the right in both cases.

3. Anti-counterfeiting Cases:

From our experience, we offer a range of services related to fraud cases and the associated words and phrases, as well as necessary consultations on ways to avoid forgery in official editors, seals and marks, and other editors (such as regular pictures, aggravated images, reduced photos, and attachments). We also provide everything necessary to impose penalties on counterfeiters; also, we defend those accused of forgery in case of the legitimate and systematic justification for that until the end of the criminal proceedings.

4. Abuse of power Cases:

We provide the necessary solutions that prevent occurrence of the exploitation of the administrative position in private profit and damage to public affairs; it is one of the most difficult issues in front of the Board of Grievances because it is intentional, as it is difficult to prove a person’s intention to abuse authority or not, and provide the necessary evidence for that and raise the consequences of that abuse.

5. Anti-bribery Cases:

With the proliferation of these cases and the widespread use of  those who own public or private authority in unlawful profiting by taking a bribe and facilitating decisions and laws for private benefit, we appoint the competent authorities to prove these facts, unless the charges are not based on clear evidence, and it is difficult to prove the charge, we represent the defendant, defend him, and participate in the case’s investigations and get the desired truth, as we have participated in many cases that have led to the acquittal of the accused if the competent authority is unable to provide any reliable evidence.

6. Cases related to fighting electronic crimes system:

We can plead all cases that cause serious harm to individuals or groups and institutions, including; Information crimes that aim to steal information and use it to cause serious psychological and material harm to the victim or defame the victim through media. The government criminalized those acts with specific penalties. We are responsible for submitting these claims and complying with the prescribed penalties.

7. Cases subject to the system for combating drug and psychotropic substances:

We stand together with the competent authorities in deterring all those who wanted to destroy community’s elements and youth with those toxins included in the list of substances banned globally. Also, sometimes within the narrowest circumstances, while studying the documents of a case and discovering a procedural defect or the failure of legal evidence, the office is responsible for defending the accused in all the crimes stipulated in the system of combating narcotics and psychotropic substances. And cooperate with the judicial authorities to scrutinize these cases and raise the charge against the accused in case of the lawful and legal justification for that.

8. Cases subject to the Anti Money Laundering Crime Law:

We periodically provide the necessary information to the competent authorities for cooperation in the field of combating money laundering in all its forms, as we plead and defend those accused of these cases if the financial dealings are proven correct, and that the suspicion is misplaced, neither legal nor formal. We have handled many of the cases that we have brought, in cooperation with the relevant authorities, to safety.