Commercial Cases

We provide legal solutions to issues arising in course of commercial activities with competitors and suppliers and consequent judicial disputes with a view to settling them in accordance with what the provisions of the Saudi regime stipulated.

1. Commercial disputes:

Representation in front of the commercial courts to resolve disputes that arise in the context of commercial activity with competitors, suppliers, or merchants to obtain and implement the necessary provisions.

2. Initiation of the procedural settlement:

Reorganization of bankruptcy procedures, preventive settlement, and financial reorganization in the absence of an opportunity for the debtor to continue to operate, and we can settle and re-regulate in accordance with the bankruptcy regime and create opportunities for the debtor to continue exercising work activities.

3. Approving procedures of procedural settlement:

We can request for a reduction in payment orders, approval of settlement, or request of clearance, etc. We are counting on having a distinguished group of lawyers with experience in requesting settlements and evidence of quittance, and we have much  judicial cases in this field.

4. Financial reorganization:

We can restructure the financial organization of the defaulting debtor in his business; in order to facilitate obstacles to an agreement between the debtor and its creditors under the supervision of a court-trustee. Moreover, we resolve all disputes filed against this business.

5. Administrative Termination:

As part of the termination process, we take a set of procedures that aim to end company’s business and settle all of its rights and obligations, by fulfilling company’s rights from others and approving administrative termination process.

6. Partners accounting issues:

Filing claims for claimant’s statement of entitlement to profits, as well as appoint a director for common joint money to save it. And it is a claim that can be proved by acknowledgment, intent or writing.

7. Claim rights arising from inter-firm implementation contracts:

Issuing cases and disputes arising from damages to a company resulting from the breach of a legal provision on enforcement contracts by contractors or suppliers.

8. Commercial fraud:

Through us, any company or corporation can quickly detect commercial fraud, which facilitates the process of restoring rights and protecting consumers, we also defend any company or organization before the competent authority that claims commercial fraud. We should not fail to mention that commercial fraud and concealment of goods by materially changing them to become something else and showing them without their true appearance  has become widespread and harmful to commercial traffic.

9. Trademarks:

We issue trademarks that have become essential to differentiate products and help consumers to choose the original product, not imitation products. The trademark is considered one of the most important tools of protection against imitation, as it plays the role of identification card for products, which helps prevent imitation and forging its brand. We have released hundreds of these trademarks for brands these days.

10. Proof of partnership:

Our office establishes evidence of the fact of the partnership and proves it by the specified methods by system before the competent authorities in various proof methods through commercial proceedings or through legal contracts to which we operate in full professionalism, to the detriment of interests of all parties.

11. Intellectual Property and patents:

Establishment of intellectual property lawsuits, which we define as creations of reason from literary and artistic inventions and works, is a right of the author and has the right to protect it from others before the competent authorities.

12. Incorporation of companies and institutions:

We establish companies of all kinds and complete the procedures of establishment and giving publicity, as well as major institutions and organizations, whether they are  profitable or non- profitable.

13. Foreign investment:

We assist and contribute to all economic activities that are agreed by countries  in order to promote their economy and achieve development. Foreign investment is considered as one of the most important tools for encouraging developing countries to fight investment battles, and it is one of the basic mechanisms that play an important role in changing the course of international economic relations. We are doing everything necessary for this sector through a cadre with extensive experience in this field since the establishment of the Saudi Arabia General Investment Authority (SAGIA). We have established more than 1,000 companies within the foreign investment system inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, whether these companies are foreign or mixed or branches of international companies. We also link companies within trade alliances and reconcile them to join each other later in a new entity or cooperation.

14. Issuing commercial and industrial licenses:

We issue all commercial, industrial, and professional licenses from the competent authorities; we also complete its requirements and create the documentary license base, according to which the holder of the natural or legal owner granted permission to conduct the activity in commercial, industrial, or other professions.

15. Procurement contracts:

In this context, we conclude contracts and agreements between the entities or individuals or one of the concerned authorities to supply the necessary movables for a public facility for a certain price, such as goods and foodstuffs, and to follow-up and compel these relationships.