Welcome to our office (Mohammed Moussa Al-Moussa – Lawyers and Counselors).

At our leading legal and legal advisory office, we offer outstanding legal and advisory services to help our local and international customers who want strong legal representation to help them in achieving their goals, by providing a high professional, procedural legal advice. We work with our customers with their different needs to understand their goals and resolve current complications, predict and guard against future problems and work to prevent them. We are committed to provide legal efficient services with a cost-effective concept as well as ensuring continuous contact with our customers at the highest level, to achieve the best fulfillment and attention to details.

Deal-making, disputes resolution, and law and regulations compliance are reasons for our existence as a facility. In our point of view, the truthfulness of argument and logical reasoning are the right way to make the right decisions at the right time.

Never hesitate to contact us, you will always find us by your side, defending your positions, and to give you the necessary consultation and advice.

With my warm wishes for a happy life free from legal exhaustions.


Chief Executive Officer

Mohammed Mousa Al-Mousa

Member of the Arab Union of Lawyers​