Filing all personnel cases subject to civil and military service regulations and the retirement of government officials , as well as, the parties with public and independent legal personality, or their heirs and beneficiaries, including appeals and compensation.

1. Financial claims in financial contracts:

We always stand by the right of the deservers and facilitate claims processes for disbursement of financial dues to civil and military services employees, government employees, and private sectors’ employees.

2. Employee Rights:

We are working on setting all definitions stipulated in the regulations and laws to regulate the workflow and preserve the rights of workers and employees.

3. Appealing administrative decisions and repeal them:

We grieve for the issuing authority to return all grievance legitimate rights against specific administrative decisions which do not comply with the administration laws; this procedure is intended to ask the decision-maker to withdraw or revoke the decision.

4. Claiming compensation for damage against government agencies:

We have a distinguished group of those responsible for compensation cases arising from the government’s issuance of decisions in violation of the law that harming the interests of individuals, establishments, or employees therein.

5. Appeal against decisions of the administrative committees:

We carry out legal challenges and document them according to the regular periods; which is the request submitted by person concerned to the competent committee to issue the decision to stop it or cancel it in a systematic way that can facilitate the appeals procedures.

6. Appeal against white land duty decisions:

We can submit objections to The Ministry of Housing on the white land fee system which provides for imposing financial fines on some lands according to the rules regulating this, and following up the objection until the last levels of litigation.

7. Appeal against expropriation decisions for public benefits:

We object to the expropriation decisions and file appeals and disputes on decisions to take one of the private properties and offer them for the public benefit, as this detriment to owner. We have extensive experience in these cases.