We provide legal protection for local and foreign companies and individuals

First of all,  we have to get a little bit on the concept of a law office. The Office of the Counsel is a commercial entity consisting of lawyers and legal advisers who are mainly involved in practicing of law. The basic services that Law Office provides to its individual or entity clients include  representation of customers in civil or criminal cases, business transactions, advice on their legal rights and responsibilities, and other matters requiring knowledge and experience of legislation in force and how to deal with it. The role of the law office resides in legal prevention before having disputes with professional-grade contractual provisions. In case of intervention after disputes, the optimal treatment for solving the problem will be space-based, with strong pleadings.
We at (Mohammed Mousa Al-Mousa – Lawyers and counselors) have our team of lawyers who are specialized in different legal fields. We provide legal protection for local and foreign companies, profit and non-profit organizations, and individuals, we contain and address legal obstacles and defend our clients in the competent courts of different cases in which they are involved.  Besides, we always pursue raising the level of awareness in our communities of the significance of legal practice, adherence to laws in force, and their best understanding and application.
Our office (Mohammed Mousa Al-Mousa – Lawyers and Consultants) was established in 1998 in the city of Riyadh. From the beginning, we were keen on attracting some of the best legal, consultative and legal competencies, who are known for their long experience in this field so that we can provide the best legal and advisory services to our clients with different needs. Over years, as our customer base has grown, we have expanded in three other cities in Saudi Arabia (Jeddah, Medina, Khobar) alongside our main Riyadh office.

Our approach to work

Unlike most workforces in this field, we spend time getting to know our customers and ensuring that we fully understand their goals. We also believe that clients are an important part of our team and we treat them on this basis. The success of our customers is our success, and vice versa. We work tirelessly to achieve our clients’ goals and ensure their fulfillment.

We have designed and established our own business approach to maximize efficiency and effectiveness, our approach consists of the following stages:

- Dismantling:

  • Understand and identify each step required to perform the legal process.
  • Identify the documents and resources needed to perform each step.

- Analysis:

  • Determine the customer’s current status and understand the surrounding conditions.
  • Define the goal to be achieved, and the procedure to make it.

- Improvements:

  • Making case study and covering all its legal and Sharia aspects.
  • Developing workflows that are beneficial to the client’s situation assigning the appropriate skills and ensuring their implementation in a timely manner.

- Achieve the goal:

  • Lead the team members to use checklists and stick to timesheets.
  • Provide solutions to be taken after we have reviewed and adopted them and carried out the tasks we have.
  • Real-time interaction with emerging events that can affect the achievement and treatment of the goal.